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The first collaboration was an Exhibition and Elemental workshop called 'A Table of Elements', part of the first SALT Festival in 2015.


Helen Lindon invited Joanna Jones and Clare Smith to show their work in her studio / gallery space, the three artists co-hosted a curated conversation over supper, co-hosted an 'Artist Breakfast and conversation' and to co-ran the 'Elemental Workshop' on Folkestone's Harbour Arm.

'Well worth coming to this lovely cosy gallery. A beautiful exhibition full of sea, salt and femininity.'


'A huge thank you for sharing this work. It is rarer than I would wish to experience work that both draws you in and sends you out seeing the world in a new way. More please!'


'What a fine exhibition with the rare privilege to hear directly from the artists themselves.

Inspiring work, congratulations on your exhibition. It certainly exhibits an abundance of elemental energies! Wonderful!'


'It’s a wonderful, beautifully balanced and delicate show.'


Fascinating how well the different elements complimented each other, and how fortunate for me to be there, in time to enjoy the waves and colours of J.Jones’s Painting taken by Sharon McCarron’s poem . Truly enjoyed it.


'I wanted to get in Joanna Jones painting.'


'Bohemia-on-Sea. Superb company. Superb work.'


'Wonderful! Clever! Beautiful! Macro/micro – fractals – elements – Inspiring'


'Deeply inspiring – climate – sea – elements – refuge + refugees. Inspirational and elemental.'

The Curated Conversation:


Climate allows humans to live culturally with their weather...

(Mike Hulme)


The three artists held a curated conversation (only one rule, one person speaks at a time and everyone listens) in the ‘A Table of Elements’, exhibition space. 

Sustenance and refreshment were provided.


After the curated conversation there was a chance to preview Joanna Jones’ film,

'La Mer', that charts the forms and structures of twenty four painting actions over a couple of months brought together skilfully by film maker Dominic de Vere. The evolution of the  painting accompanies an interpretation of Debussy’s La Mer, by Sally Beamish for the Trio Apache.


The evening was hosted in a stimulating, intimate and friendly atmosphere where the conversation ranged from the effect of the moon on women giving birth to possible future architecture design to deal with sea level rise, from the ‘hyper-globe’ to being alone in a camper van in the Arctic.

'Thank you so much for the event last evening- beautifully organised and timed, just the right amount of art on the walls, a good number of people (and great people!)'

'Very inspiring company, conversations and atmosphere!'

'The format was just lovely and the work so strong as was your film Joanna. It was a well mixed group of people and I can only hope that I am invited again to such things in the future'

The Elemental Experimental Workshop

Run by Helen Lindon, Joanna Jones and Clare Smith 

Four artists made a collaborative art piece in response to the elements: inner mood and outer weather, in particular harnessing the rain and the wind.


They made two large pieces (see pics) one of which was exhibited in

The Waiting Room on the Harbour Arm over the weekend. 


The Studio Breakfast 

Food was provided by The Pullman.

We had paying guests who thoroughly enjoyed the art, the delicious food, meeting new people and the conversation.


Our guests stayed until lunch time!



Brilliant Breakfast! Wonderful company and conversation. 

Thank you!!




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