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A Parable for Endeavour is a collaborative film made by three artists, Joanna Jones, Helen Lindon and Clare Smith on location in Dover.


It was commissioned for SALT, Festival of the Sea and Environment, Folkestone 2016 and previewed as part of the exhibition “As far as we can see” at The Lindon Space.


Six eyes see more than two – add to that 5 camera eyes and this collaboration results in more than the sum of its parts.


Seen by the camera and unbeknown to two of the artists, the film starts as they set about preparing for a performance.


As the film progresses it becomes ‘a Parable for Endeavour’...

These are some reactions to the film:


'Funny, philosophical, visually stimulating with an extraordinary soundtrack'

'A surprising and mind-fizzing film revealing the making of delicate and intriguing work'

'A collaboration between shingle, brine, tide and three human beings'

'One the best ‘art’ films I’ve seen. Absolutely loved it.'

'The film was an amazing instruction in ego-less partnership, the harmony that was clearly present in the creative process was extraordinary.'

'A Parable for Endeavour is an exercise in succeeded co-authorship between three artists, a set of cameras, and the sea.

Abstract expressionism without the ego.'

When shown at King's College Cambridge on International Women's Day in 2016, the film provoked these responses from the students:  


​'the care was so visible that it was mesmerising to watch'


'the slowness of the first section ….. makes slowness important in a way that is refreshing'


'a story of paper trampled on and given a chance to shine again by

three women” as if to say “you can’t trample us down, we are able to tell our story'


'3 women working with their hands … making art not food was powerful

and feminist'

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