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Following on from their collaboration in 2015, the three artists had found that making a large scale piece of work together in the the elemental workshop had allowed them to make a piece of art that they could not have achieved singly. They decided to make a large scale work on the beach in Dover, the elements once again invited to make their vital contribution.


The date was set, the weather would do what it willed, the artists took the paper, paints and inks plus cameras to the beach and they worked and allowed whatever would happen to happen...and filmed.


They made a large painting and offered it to the sea...




The Exhibition

As Far as we can See


The exhibition at The Lindon Space included showings of 'A Parable for Endeavour', an installation by Helen Mayer called 'Ghost Gear' and a series of paintings by Judith Anketell called 'Sea/Sky Diaries'.


The Film, supper and curated conversation


The film previewed on Saturday 1st October 2016 at The Lindon Space and was followed by a discussion about 'Ghost Gear', sustainability and pollution in the fishing industry and supper.

'Fishing boats in Folkestone Harbour present a peaceful scene.  


But beyond the harbour, the seabed is strewn with hundreds of wrecks. One of these is the enormous iron steamship SS Pomerania, which sank 6 km outside Folkestone Harbour in November 1878, after a collision in thick fog. Wrecks are a constant hazard for trawlers. Fishing gear snags easily on submarine obstacles, and acts like an anchor on the boat, often having to be detached to save the vessel.  Lost or abandoned fishing gear is known as ghost gear, and thousands of tonnes are lost each year.  As it circulates underwater, it snares and kills marine animals, an action known as ghost fishing.  Mostly made of synthetic materials, ghost gear can persist for decades. This grave economic and environmental issue is now being addressed internationally by the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, working with industries down to local community level to find solutions to promote safer, cleaner oceans.


In 2010 Kent Wildlife Trust proposed an area of seabed which includes the Pomerania as a Marine Conservation Zone, as it contains an extraordinarily rare combination of habitats and wildlife.  Since March 2015, trawling has been banned over Folkestone Pomerania MCZ. 


The ghost gear was collected from local beaches.'

Helen Mayer


'A Parable for Endeavour'


'A Parable for Endeavour' was also shown at King's College Cambridge on 11 March 2017 as part of the college's 'International Women's Day' programme where it prompted a wide ranging discussion covering scale, beauty, collaboration, agency, the difficulties of interpretation, vulnerability, slowness and the importance of care.

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