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3 films by Us3, Clare Smith, Helen Lindon and Joanna Jones, commissioned for SALT, Festival of the Sea and Environment, Folkestone n 2016, 2018 and 2019
The 3 films expand the individual practices of the artists, bringing together experimental film, expanded cinema, painting, performance, drawing, sound, digital and material practice. The result is moving image born out of experimental processes, collaboratively edited to reflect concerns about climate change, coastal erosion, migration and movement of people, geological and human time and anything else the 3 turn their minds to in conversation and image. 
9 November 2019, 4-6pm: Screening of A Parable for Endeavour, 40 mins, filmed on location in Dover.

The sea becomes the fourth protagonist in this ‘story of paper trampled on and given a chance to shine again by three women” as if to say ‘you can’t trample us down, we are able to tell our story'’.
Stay on after the film with the artists for a discussion.
16 November 2019, 4-6pm: Screening of No Horizon, 30 mins, filmed on location in Folkestone.

The three artists make their way down the steps from Wear Bay Road, then stop to look out to sea; silhouetted against the light they are reminiscent of Anthony Gormley's figures from 'Another Time'


Stay on after the film for a discussion with the artists.
30 November 2019, 4-6pm: Screening of Moon Talk, 30 mins, filmed on location at Samphire Hoe.

The artists are thinking about the moon and the powerful pull it has on the sea but also themselves.


Stay on after the film for a discussion with the artists.

On Saturday 9th November 2019

we showed our film,

'A Parable for Endeavour'


at The Margate School of Art

to a wonderful audience, this was Uwe Derkson's response to the film and discussion:



From: Uwe Derksen <>

Subject: This evening

Date: 9 November 2019 at 21:17:13 GMT

Dear All,

A brief note to say how interesting and touching the screening and the discussion was tonight.  Three interesting, experienced and strong women sharing their thoughts and ideas,  what else can TMS wish for. 


This evening was a special evening in many ways,  for me anyway,  the footage, the imagery exposed the viewer to the elements, the calm of the sea yet it's inherent brutal force, life giving and life taking, indiscriminate, no borders,  the symmetry of the harbour wall, its opening artificial, yet there is an opening.  And this reminded me among other things of state this country is in.  Its closing its borders, like East Germany,  Eastern Europe closed its borders.  I know it's not the same,  but the development of some fifty years ago came on the back of the noisy terrifying period in Europe and today of course remember the brutal beginnings with the Reichkristallnacht. Now we also remember the fall of the Berlin wall. Both important and deeply European relevant occurrences,  though both on German soil.  Borders might protect but in peacetime they hinder and they hinder peace as peace is not a given. 


And the imageries in your film reminded of the beauty of peaceful exchange of people from different countries,  among neighbours. 

A romantic fantasy maybe but one with openings and possibilities.  


Anyway,  congratulations of a successful event.  



pics by Uwe Derkson

We showed our film MOON TALK ON A LOOP at


51zero/festival 2019

Rochester and Canterbury

Artists, thinkers, musicians and filmmakers, whose production is between contemporary art and cinema, operating on a local and international level, are presented across Rochester and Canterbury. 

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